NBA regular season: Los Angeles fast fleet hosted the Orlando Magic QuiChalvilion quickly slammed 12-0 attack waves

On March 31, Beijing time, a focus of the NBA regular season, the Los Angeles Fast Board met the Orlando Magic. After opening, it was stunned, the fastess team two minutes later, quickly slammed the 12-0 attack wave, cast a three-story, staged 3 buckles, too fierce, directly fight the fish.

Magic hits the fleet, it is in an absolute disadvantage. Now it is good, and the opening is directly 12 points, it is very polite. The sense of the magic is too bad, from the inside, to the middle distance, then three points, all try it out, but unfortunately no one can invest, Cleford is also very helpless, calculated, the winning and losing does not matter, focus on training.

The recent status of the Clippers is very good. They have already achieved six consecutive victories, and even the team like the Buck can’t stop them. However, when faced with weak brigadiers, the Clippers sometimes worry that they are very ups and downs, especially when the big score is leading. In this field, the opening of the game has established 12-0 leaders. Next, the fast shipping team should do not too waves, and the advantage is OK.

Let’s take a look, this wave of attack frenzy. Kenard played a very important role. He used a three-point and opened the score account of the whole team. Then in turn to Leonard and Zematz performance, Leonard challenged the whole team, killing into the penalty area, and staged a dunk.

And Zu Bazz is not lonely, after the inner line gets the ball, slightly dodge, and also staged a double-hand dunk. Then, Kenath was in vain three points. When the fastess team was 10-0, the magic sat couldn’t stand, and the pause was called. When I came back, Zumbatz came once again. In this case, 12-0 was formed, including two points + 3 buckles, fierce.