Get 3 consequences! Nuggets 104-95 beat Eastern First Philadelphia Murray 30 points +6 rebound + 4 assists Potter 27 points + 12 rebound +4 assists

The NBA new season continued, the Nuggets defeated the first Philadelphia team in the eastern part of the Eastern part at home, and the Philadelphia encountered 2 losers. This game of Nuggets showed a very good competitive state in the first quarter, Potter and Murray joined forces to get 30 points, the team slammed a wave of 44-22 attack, the first quarter got 22 points lead . Subsequently, the Nuggets played a stable, there is no opportunity to fight the Philadelphia team, the team has always maintained an efficient performance at both ends of the attack and defense, and finally the Nuggets successfully turned over the top of the East, and won the victory of this game.

Two teams of this game, the main player data: Simmons 11 points 2 rebounds 3 assists, Howard 10 points 7 rebounds, Harris 12 points 3 rebounds 2 assists 2 steals and 2 caps, Danny Glin 8 points 4 rebounds 3 assists, Sasis ยท Curry contributes 8 points, Milton 10 points, Scott 9 points. And the Nuggets, Jochi 21 points 10 rebounds 5 assists, Potter 27 points 12 rebounds 4 assists, Murray 30 points 6 rebounds 4 assists, Gordon 6 points 4 rebounds, Milhap 10 points.

The game Philadelphia team played a sluggish, the team did not enter his rhythm in the first quarter, and the Nuggets were exploded at both ends of the attack. Although in the latter, the team worked hard to narrow the difference, and the score gap has come to 15 minutes, but the team offensive continuation is not strong enough, after shrinking the division, they can’t go further, there are a lot of the offensive. Opportunity, continuous mistakes also affected the overall offensive performance of the team, in the defensive end, the Philadelphia team also restricted the entrance of the Nuggets, which also led the team to eventually score the opponent.

This hammer, Philadelphia core player is general, Simons 7 in 4 in 4, Harris 12 points and 3 rebounds, Danny Glin only 8-point account, the first war, how to contribute 10 points and 7 rebounds, compare For the Golden Team, the state of the first player of Philadelphia cannot match the strength of the opponent. This also leads to the team’s opening, and digging a big pit. After three, the team strives to fill, but the effect It is not satisfactory, which has become the main reason for the team to lose the competition.

The Nuggets, the team played stability, Murray and Potter ushered in broke out, this Murray highly got 30 points and 6 rebounds 4 assists 3 steals comprehensive data, while Potter contributed 27 points 12 rebounds 4 Assisted, Double Star This game got 57 points 18 rebounds 8 assists. At the first quarter, the two players are very hot, helping the team a good bureau. The team leader is based on stable state, and the audience contributes 21 points 10 rebound 5 assists in the full data, although the data compares the personal season does not debut, but in the game, Yaki still plays a very important role. He is the team’s custom sea.

Now, this digging team has a deep abutment. It is very uniform, and the core player is right. If the team can maintain the current state, then in the playoffs, they will become a very competitive. The team is expected to re-enute the success of the season.

This competition has shown its strength. The team’s attack and defense has a good performance. The team’s lineup is complete, and the very ideal team attack, the player has made his contribution in the game, this is also The team can defeat the key to the top of the Eastern List at home. For now, after the Nuggets completed the transaction, the team’s strength became stronger, and Gordon played in two games on behalf of the team, his performance was very stable, and the personal offensive efficiency was high, integrated into the team. The speed is very fast, his joining improves the strength of the team, and Harris has gone through the team, and Potter has got more shot. He also played a more important role in the game, which is he can play in the game. The reason for stunning performance.