NBA Today’s Data Summary: Wei Shao Send Alliance This season will send 20 + 10 + 5 this 100th time to send 20 + 10 + 5

Beijing time on March 31, NBA regular season continued, there were 4 games today, including the wonder of the Hornets, Wesbrooke ranked 20 + 15 + 10 in this season, team history ranked first; Nuggets 76 people, Joji got the best of the 20 + 10 + 5; the fast ship was reversed by magic, and the next defeat of the back, the following is today’s data summary –

Wei Shaosan 20 + 15 + 10, the history of the team

Wizi took 104-114 inconsistent, Wesbrooke 38 minutes, 20 shots 7, got 22 points and 15 rebounds 14 games, this is the third time in his wonders, 10 times, 15 rebounds 10 times Assist, more than the sum of other players.

In 1985, Jeff Lavend won 28 points and 16 rebounds 10 assists in the 76-person competition. In 1997, Chris Weber got 23 points and 15 rebounds 10 assists in 23 points.

This is also the 25th time of Wei Shaoji to get at least 20 points and 15 rebounds 10 games, ranked third in history, the first two are Zhang Bollen (52 times) and Oscar-Robertson (40 times).

Wei Shaozhi League 10th Triple Party This season

After Wei Shao took this three pairs, the number of three pairs of three pairs of NBA reached 100 this season, and the alliance had completed this achievement only, creating the fastest history. Last season, NBA hit 1051 games to have born 100th three times.

Wei Shao Near three data more than shoulder Zhang Bollen

In the last three contests, the Wesbrookefield can get 25.3 points of 16 rebounds 15 assists. He became the second place in the history of NBA, 15 points and 15 rebounds in the three cycles. The player, the last thing to do this is Zhang Bollen, and the handsome completed this achievement during March 19, 1968.

About 100 yuan to send 20 + 10 + 5

Nuggets 104-95 defeated 76 people, Jiki got 21 points of 10 rebounds 5 assists, this is the 20th day of his career to get 20 + 10 + 5 data, he became a 20th in NBA history at least A player who played this data in 100 times, in the active player, Jovic’s 20 + 10 + 5 games is only inferior to James (249 times), Wesbrook (184 times), and the letter brother (129 times).

The second game of the fast boat

The fast ship 96-103 encountered magic reversal, this is the first to lose the second game of their back to back, before this, when the fast boat played back to back, their record was 8 wins and 0 losses.

Murray 30+ Campaign

In the game of 76 people, Jamar Murre took 30 points and 6 rebounds and 4 assists. His 30+ captures reached 30 times, chasing Antonio Mc., and ninth.