The Lakers take the 38 points +7 assists in 101-106.

Many people don’t look at the Lakers last season, the first round is black eight, the second round of the two MVP rockets frequently appear, but the Lakers still took the pressure to get the championship, this season, the Lake people hang.

Today, a ranking battle between the Lakers and the Blazers, before the game, the Lakers and the Pioneers were the same, the Lakers were ranked in the western part, the top of the western part, so said that this game is related to the two teams who will enter the surcharge . The strong eyebrows have a brave, cutting 36 + 12 + 5 data, and the data is listed in the whole team, 1,17 points, Pop, 17 points, Kuzma is not good to get 4 points , Zhuang Shen 4 points 9 rebounds. The Blazers here, profit guidance 38 points 7 assists, CJ21 points, Powell 19 points, Canter and Nurkic 10 points, melon 3 points. The final Lakers defeated the pioneers at 101-106.

After losing this game, the Lakers’ ranking came to the seventh day of the West, officially fell into the list of the surcharge, after the battle of the sun, Kicks, if James did not recall, the Lakers hit the list. After the game, the Lakers coach Woger said that no matter how much is ranked, there is confidence. What this happens now, the situation of the Lakers can not be optimistic, although the eyebrows have been retrieved, but the gods have always seem to be integrated into the Lakers’ system, and the Lakers have mainly scored the eyebrows, Pop, Kuz Ma is Unstable, other players are difficult to stand out of the game.

Today, James is not necessarily leading the Lakers to get rid of the surcharge. The biggest problem of the Lakers is a injury. Today’s competition is small Tak, and Harorel is absent because of injuries. There is no way to participate in the regular season. The eyebrows themselves are easily injured. There is also the lake’s attack, although the defense of the Lakers is the number of alliances, but the attack can not win. The other players of the Lakers have a ghost, which is hard to give help from James. The position of Zhuang Shen is a bit high in the Lakers. In the Knight, the Piston can serve as the main force to let him play himself, but in the Lakers can’t do it, he is only suitable as a grab, eating a blue collar. You can consider small plus and Harrell.

The next game James will come out, but his injuries are based on expert assessment, so that James will have been injured in the competition, which is also a timed bomb after the Lakers. After the game, the US media gave a Lakers and the trailer in the vocabulary assessment of the VII in the west, and the trailers have 80% of the probability in the west, while the Lakers are only 26%. If the Lakers are really going to join the playoffs from the addition, then they are really the lowest defending champion in history. Only one team in NBA has hit the champion from the fifth place, which is the Rockets led by Olagiwan in 1995. If the Lakers do it, James creates NBA records.

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