NBA Regular Sir The team defeated Thunder Bogda Novich 22 points +2 rebound +3 assists in 109-93

109-93! The NBA regular season continues, and Jazz officially started the game. Before the game, I believe that many fans can predict the results of the game. After all, Jazz first, the Thunder is only the second in the West. Sure enough, the jazz occupied the initiative of the field early after the game started. The offensive end is highly effective, and the defensive end is strong. The first battle, jazz leads 10 points. The subtle battle is leading 14 points. Even if you enter the second half, Jazz continues to expand your leading advantages. Four battles, jazz defeated Thunder in 109-93.

Both sideways:

Jazz: The hit rate is 43%, and the three-pointer shot hit rate is 33%. There are 5 players in the whole game, which are doubles, respectively: Bogdad Novich 22 points 2 rebounds 3 assists, Gobel 16 points 18 rebounds, Lexi 10 points 2 rebounds 3 assists, Clarkson 18 points 3 rebounds, Nyn 11 points 3 rebound

Thunder: A total of 42% shot in the whole game, 31% of the three-pointer shot hit. A total of 3 players scored in the game, respectively, Malatada 18 points, 3 rebounds, Mikai Luke 19 points, DECK18 points 6 rebounds.

After reading the data, let’s talk about the game. Introduction, this game jazz will be a little suspense. After all, the strength gap between the two teams is too obvious. To this end, the trend for this game is not talked here, and this article is a small idea to talk to everyone the most expensive center Gibel. The game Gabell is playing 26 minutes, 9 shots 5, free throw 9, got 16 points, 18 rebounds, 1 steals, 2 cap full data, positive negative value +20. Yes, you didn’t see the wrong Gobel on the game and grab 18 rebounds. For the performance of the game, we can use a “one person to support a set of systems” to describe

Perhaps, a fan will ask Gobel to support? His offensive means are not rich, moving speed is slow? Yes, everyone said that these two points are indeed gobel’s shortcomings, but in addition to these two points, Gobel is all the advantages. Attack, Gobel did not take the ball, he only need to take the cake, just grab the rebound to complete the second attack, only need the basket to put the ball into the basket. To put it bluntly, Although Gobel is not a rich attack, he is a score point in the inner line, is an offensive support point. With this support point, the outline of the jazz will have more space, and the opponent will not be unscrupulous.

Still, Gobel can become the first center of the league. I believe in the playoffs, and the role of Gobell will be more important when the body confrontation game is more important. His advantages in the inner line will be more obvious. Come on Gobel, the playoffs is your best opportunity you prove, and you prove that you have the best opportunity to match the top salary.

If the offensive end is Gobel’s weaknesses, then the defensive end is the advantage of Gobel. Gobel has height, there is an arm exhibition, with a bounce point, powerful. To this end, when the single defense, Gabell will not fear any opponent, even if it is about Kiki and Enabad, Gobel can also restrict it well. In addition to the single defense, Gabell is still a very good coordinator, and he is difficult to complete the score even if he stands in the internal line, even if it can stand the internal line. For example, this game, Gobel stood in the inner line. Thunder is not a bit. The main reason for no effort.

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