The Basket Network has created NBA history and became a combination of the most in the history of the NBA series.

After 7 years, it will advance to the eastern semi-finals! Just ended the NBA playoffs, once lost a basket network that failed to sweep the opponent, this war did not give the green army any opportunity, take 123-109 Go to the first round of the fourth victory, eliminate the green army with a big score of 4-1.

In terms of the current NBA schedule, the rival of the Bucks and Nets will be officially staged on June 6, and the Buck is the second, it is the main scene, but the basketball is like is not timid. When the basket is advanced, it shouted: We want a letter brother. 85.2 points! Basketball 3 giants have a history, Haden three double record, and the contradictions will be staged on the 6th.

Among this battle, the core Tumum of the Green Army still has a glimpse, 41 minutes of war, with a total of 27, cut down the highest 32 points, and 9 rebounds 5 assists, all teams The highest existence, and after the G3 cut 50 points, after the G4 cut 40 points, Tamum is already cutting 30+ in a row, the performance is extremely high, but unfortunately, in addition to Tamum, the green army has no longer It can resist the existence of the basket network, Fu Nier got 18 points, Lanford cut 17 points, Samart got 14 points, and Parker for the war, there is 13 points, but this performance Obviously, it cannot be compared with the Basketball 3 giant.

On this side of the Net, the three giants are still the biggest reliance of the Net, including 39 minutes of Harden, 34 points, 10 rebounds 10 assists, this makes Haden once again created team history. Record, looking at the team history of the basket network, there is no one to get 30+ three pairs in the playoffs. This is the first time in the history of the Nets, which makes Haden to become a Net. One person, in addition to 30+ three pairs, Harden’s three pairs of three pairs of three pairs of baskets in the basketball season, and the previous 10 times belong to one person, that is, Kidd That is to say, Today, Harden has become the second person in the playoffs after Basket Network Jude.

In addition to Harden, Owen and Durant’s performance is also very good, including 37 minutes in Owen, in 14, three points and 7 shots 3, extremely efficiently cut 25 points, and 3 rebounds 3 assists, And Durant is 37 minutes, in 16 shots 8, cutting 24 points 4 rebounds 3 assists, the three giants will cut 83 points, and the strength of the offensive is a bitter, and the whole round, Durant, Ou Wen, Haden’s three giants were 85.2 points, and also created NBA history. It became the largest combination of the NBA series of history, especially the last battle of 104 points, but also amazing No.

As the Net is advanced in the eastern part of the eastern part, this will make them positive pairs and Bucks, to know, the first round, the Bucks eliminates the final season of the final season – Heat, Letter Brother, Middleton How to play is extremely excellent, and the two teams of the two teams are called the fight against the spear. As the strength of the Bucks, they are the most horrible or defense, with letters, Tak et al. Bucks, once in the original shape of Badler, and the Nets are the most horrible score of the league. When the two teams meet, it is a strong defensive shield, or the basket network is amazing. The attack spear occupies the opportunity?

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