92-100! The Lakers and the Sun G4 divergent Paul dragged shoulder injury and went to the highest 18 points.

On May 31, 2021, Beijing time, the NBA playoff ended the Lakers and the Sun’s G4 mortus, the final score is 92-100, and the big score came to 2-2. Today, the two sides have launched a tragic doctrine, Paul dragged the shoulders and wounded again, and got the highest 18 points of the team. Davis was injured in the next basket. After the game, it was determined to be a groin injury, next May face season reimbursement. Lao Zhan was dragging the team, but eventually lost 8 points, and then they will go to the main battle of the sun, this round of series is really difficult.

After the game, a medical expert talked about Davis’s injury, indicating that at least 4-6 weeks of rest time, means that he may not be able to fight this season. Davis is a very stable and effective point in the Lakers. If he can’t play, then the only player who rely on the Lake is only the old man, and it is necessary to play a full Lao Zhan. Nowadays, Lao Zhan is 37 years old. He has accumulated too much injuries, and he expects him to play the level of the 18-year playoffs, basically unobstructed.

Paul also revealed after today, it was a coach to stay in front of Paul, and his shoulder injury was serious, and the shooting is changed, so the team considers his health! But Paul gives a sure answer, and Yan: I don’t! And played a very good personality today. A round of series inspires the best state of both players, which may be the charm of competitive sports, I hope that the next two teams can have better performance.

Today, Lao Zhan has also been bricklied in the game. When the next basket, I was directly hugged by Claude. The old three should have hurt, and when Claude’s expression is smile, it may still be deliberate. After the game, Lao Zhan talked about his injuries of his shoulders, saying: your shoulders are wide enough, you can have a pressure, which has been prepared to meet the challenge. This time, it is the determination of Lao Zhan, the next G5, G6, he will definitely make

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