NBA playoffs: promotion is looking forward! The Nets beats the green army basket network with 141-126 to create 3 records of Harden refreshing 4 data records.

NBA playoffs, Beijing time on May 31, Nets defeated the green army at 141-126, and the series of 3-1 leads, advanced to the hope. This, the three giants of the basket network opened, Durant cut the highest 42 points, Ou Wen 39 points 11 rebounds, Haden 23 points 18 assists, Samsung cut 104 points, the offensive fire is too fierce. The green army’s Tutum also got 40 points, the whole team scored two points. If it is a hitting other team, the green army is likely to win, but, no choice is, 17 crown encountered a giant basket network.

After this game, it is estimated that the Union’s finale will sound again. It is indeed this. If the Net is so played, the core player maintains healthy, who can block the basket network?

This service, the end of the three games, the game has entered the junk time, the end of the day, the NAN is not lax, and finally get a 15-point big victory. Interestingly, when the game is coming, the basketball star is surrounded by the data sheet, very serious, Owen and KD expression focuses, do not know what they look at luxury data, what is much. In G3, Owen performance is poor, but Harden and Durant are mad, regret, but the crucial fourth battle, the Nets did not give the Green Army a little chance.

After the game, the domestic basketball name Yang Yi passed the text on the social media, and he felt that you can’t play data such as the Net. “Basketball shot, play 2k, I can’t fight, I can’t imagine.”

It is also true, the basket’s attack is very dreamy, and it is estimated that there will be such a blown shooting performance. In the game, the basket of baskets of Nets reached 57.8%, and the three-pointer hit rate was 59.3%, and the free throw rate was 96.7%. The audience sent 29 assists. Among them, Harden sent 18 times, and also created him. The playoffs record.

This service, Harden refreshed 4 data records:

First, 18 help the new personal career post match;

Second, the Harden season has a single site at least 20 points and 15 assists, and become the first person in the history of the Net Network;

Third, the Harden season will surpass Jabal, Robertson and Russell, rose to the historical 27th;

Fourth, the Harden season has sent 18 assists and the second person.

Nets created 3 records:

First, the Basket Network has received 112 points, the creation of the creation of the team;

Second, the basket network single field 141 is a record of the history of the team;

Third, the basket network has two consecutive playoffs, and there are two people cut 35+, become the second team of history, more than the shoulder lake.

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