NBA Platfag: Beijing time May 28th Bucks will go to the home to the war hot fire, the first wheel is swept the tragedy

At 7:30 on May 28, Beijing, the Bucks will go to the home and the heat of the first round of the third game. In the helpers in the home audience, Butler and Adbus can retrieve the state to pull back a city?


Front of the game: Butler frankly to stand out

In the case of starting behind 0-2, Badler is clear, you need to stand up. Badler said: “We know what you need, sometimes we will be a little lost, we want everyone to participate in the game. But sometimes we need to stand up, especially I.”

Both parties are expected to start

Milwaukee Trump deer: Midelton, Yangnis Ado Kun, Brooke – Lopez, Divin Qizuo, Zhu – Holledi

Miami Heat: Jimmy – Butler, Aliza, Adebay, Duncan – Robinson, Nan

Focus star: Badler Adbus Retrieved

In the past two playoffs, the Jimmy-Badler farm is 13.5 points. The Adebaya is 12.5 points.

Badler is 21.5 points in the regular season, ranking first in the whole team. The Adebaya is 18.7 points, and the squad is ranked second. And their two playoffs have averaged 14.2 points more than regular seasonings.

If the Heat wants to defeat the deer at home, then Butler and Adza will have to play a better state.

Points in the competition: Heat is trying to avoid the first round of sweeping tragedy

If the heat wants to defeat the deer in the first round of the eastern playoffs, pull back a city in the case of 0-2 backward, then in the first two games in the series, the poor Badler and Adeburgio may More than needed.

In contrast, the star’s star played more like a star. Yangnis Ado Kunbo is 28.5 points 15.5 rebounds 5.5 assists in the first two midfields in this series of 5.5 assists and 3.0 steals, and Midelton is 22.0 points.

In the history of the 33 years of Heat, they only reversed in the case of the last after the playoffs 0-2, which was the 2006 and exclusive NBA Finals. Last year, the Heat was only behind all the playoffs series, and the finals 2-4 did not charge the Lakers.

Bucks’ away records in this season is 20 wins and 16 losses, and the highlight of the hot fire is 21 wins and 15 losses. The third battle of both parties is expected to have 17,000 fans to watch the battle.

Today’s stag seems to become a more firm team, with Middleton, “we trust each other.”

The letter brother said: “No matter the success or failure, I will actively enter throughout the series.”

Today, the pressure is already on the hot fire. Especially after the last game lost to the buck, some people even worried that the heat fire was swept by the stag.

But there is still no mobilization talks, Adebay said: “We have grown up, we know what to do.”

Historical record: Heat 0-2 backward historical record heat

This game is the third game of this series, the first two games are 2-0 lead 2-0.

The two teams have a total of 118 in history, and the thermal battle is obviously dominant, winning 71 pairs. Bucks won 47 victories in the confrontation of the two teams.

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