Juventus finally thrilled the 4th C Roquo Strike, the 4th C Roquo, a bid, Juventus

This season’s Arabian came to an end, Juventus finally surrendered the results of the 4th place in the League. This achievement is obviously unable to satisfy the Juventus, Jiuwen Tuj, who was previously nine. After a season that is not successful, Juventus this summer may usher in a giant change.

The team’s meritorious door has decided to leave the team after this season. Bron’s first joined Juventus in 2001, until 2018 he went to the big Paris, but after a season, Buffon returned to Juventus. Today, Xia Buff decided to leave the team again and continue to chase his Champions League Dream. Some news said that Buffon may go to Real Madrid and become the replacement of Kurtova.

The rear anti-player Deretet may also leave Juventus, according to the report of Spain media, Direcht is unhappy in Juventus, and he hopes to change an environment. The 21-year-old Derech has transferred to Juventus with 85 million euros in 2019. He expires with Juventus to the summer of 2024. The report said that Drecht regretted himself, he would like to join Barcelona in this summer.

Another player who may be away from the team is C Luo. In the last round of C Luo, the last round of competition this season, this tried to guess all parties. After the end of the season, C Luo released Changwen in social media, and suspected to bid farewell to Juventus. The 36-year-old C Luo hopes to continue to dream, the Champions League is an important goal of his career. It is difficult to act at the Champions League.

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