Yang Ming will continue to coach the Liaoning team Liaoning team is working on Zhou Qi

Zhou Qi returned to the Liaoning team, and CBA was probably really ending.

Beijing time on May 18th, according to the general manager of the Liao Club, Li Hongqing, Li Hongqing, Yang Ming will continue to coach the Liaoning team. In addition, the Liaoning team is working on Zhou Qi. If Zhou Qi returns to the Liaoning team, will the CBA have suspense next season?

Last season, Liaoning is only one step away from the championship, and finally fights 3, the Liaoning team lost the Guangdong team, the latter got the CBA3 Covenant. Especially the G3 mobilization, the two sides hit the overtime game, but unfortunately, the Liaoning team experience is lacking, and finally collapsed. After the game, Guo Allen didn’t accept it. After the regular time was equal, the overtime will definitely won.

After leaving the championship, Guo Allen cried, Yang Ming also cried. In the first time, Yang Ming apologizes, “Thank you for your hard work, I tried my best, but I am sorry for everyone, really, sorry, I hope that Liaoning team is getting better and better!”

From Yang Ming’s state, it is quite left.

Nowadays, Li Hongqing, general manager of Liaoshu Club, said, “Yang Ming will continue to serve as the main coach of the Liaoning men’s basketball team. The club trust him. Domestic players will not have a large change.”

Subsequently, Li Hongqing talked about Zhou Qi’s return, “Zhou Qi returned? This needs to see the results of his own and Xinjiang club.”

In other words, the Liaoning team has thrown olive branches to Zhou Qi, hoping that he will come back, now, see Zhou Qi can persuade Xinjiang team. The National Games preliminaries played outstanding people on behalf of the Liao Shout.

If Zhou Qi returns to the Liaoning team, the strength of the Liaoning team will increase a step, only from domestic players, the Liaoning team is definitely the first. Therefore, the Liaoning team will be super-winning. As for the Guangdong team, Yi Jianli should return next season, but after serious injury, the state is uncertain. This is the same, after the congenital tendon, Ma Shang did surgery, and it was a question mark next season. In addition, even if it returns, the state of the horse is not guaranteed.

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