The Save Association Warning: If you do not quit the controversial European Super League, Juventus will be banned from participating in the next season.

For a long time, this controversial event has proven to be a catastrophic failure, especially after the announcement within 48 hours, this plan has to be terminated, then AC Milan, International Milan and Madrid Athletics also announced an exit, but currently Juventus, and La Lun Barcelona and Royal Madrid have not officially announced and announced an official description.


Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid attacked European Po. The International Football Union’s “unable tolerable threat”, but they are risking the risk of being excluded in the domestic league.

Juventus has given the domestic league championship to gave the enemy International Milan, and under the coaching of Pirlo, it can be observed until the Champions League eligibility next season.

President of the President of the Italian Football Association said: “The rules are clear. If Juventus is still a member of the European Super League next season, then they will not participate in the Aiji.”

“I will regret the fans, but the rules are rules, and they apply for everyone.”

“I hope this persistence can end as soon as possible.”

Glavina is eager to ensure that Juventus will not be excluded from the Top Raille in the 2021-22 season and plan to make further negotiations between all parties to achieve compromise.

The President of the Italian Football Association added to the Ai Olympic Sports Radio: “These are the simplest principles, confirmed by the Olympic Charter, and then reported by the State and International Federation.”

“These are all clear principles, which established exclusive sports management. I hope this debate can be solved as soon as possible.”

“We are all tired of the talence between the European Po. And the three-course music. I hope to mediate between Juventus and the European Po.”

“This is not good for international football, Italian football and Juventus. We have said that the Football Association respects rules.”

“According to the rules, if the principles of Football and European Poetry are not accepted, then he will not be able to participate in the league.”

Juventi Chairman Andria Agnelli played an important role in the discussion of the Super League, and he refused to accept the problem of defects in this concept.

To prove that the existence of the Zebra Legion is reasonable, he tells the Rome Sports Report: “We hope to keep close contact with our fans. Our will is to create a game that can bring benefits to the entire football pyramid, A large increase in the interests allocated to other clubs. “

“I want to emphasize that this event is still open, and provides five places for other clubs. The nutrition of youth training is maintained. The biggest problem in the football industry is stability.”

“40% of young people aged 15 and 24 years old, 40% are not interested in football. We need a competition that can fight their games on digital platforms,”

“Football is no longer a competition, but an industrial sector, it needs to be stable. In Europe, the highest value in Europe is not a Champions League final, but the British charter surcharge: 150 million euros. This is not stable.”

“We need strict economic and financial rules like the Premier League.”

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