March 20th CBA All-Star Friendship Competition

On March 19, Beijing time, the CBA regular season officially entered the third phase of the window period, and the Qingdao All-Star Tournament this weekend beat. In addition to the conventional Starry, the Dunk Competition, the Three-Biography, Skills Competition, the All-Star Race, and has a combination of CBA-hosted a combination of CBA-homed contest in the outside world. It is deeply expected by the outside world.

The game time is: March 20th 09: 00-12: 00

The list of selected works can be as follows:


Leader and team member: Zhang Xiong

Player: Lu Xiaowei, Du Feng, Ali Jiang, Wu Qi, Liu Chuanxing, Liang Bin, Yang Peng, Song Qi Lu


Leader and team member: Zhang Beihai

Player: Yang Ming, Liu Weiwei, Hu Jinqiu, Gao Shi Yan, Li Ping, Song Xiaojing, Yu, Zhang Peng

Referee: The chairman of Yao Ming and the two elements of the two do not play players (can be replaced at any time)

Most of this list is a combination of CBA retired players, active players, referee groups, and CBA staff, which is definitely a lot of big names that have a very much.

Perhaps many young players have not seen the place, Liu Weiwei, Ali Jiang and others in the competition, and Wu Qixing and Higi Rock, Hu Jinqiu’s selection, and further balanced lineup balance. There are many referee teachers to join. It is further proved that their integrated levels and strength can be equivalent to the previous CBA referee all-star weekend.

All-star weekend, or the official program of entertainment, in addition to increasing the sense of fans and teams, more is to reach a new interaction form, believe that these bistelings are selected, perhaps than the new Rui More critical and hot discussion topics.

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