For the Chinese men’s basketball team is definitely a good thing! The newly set up U14 national team may invite Fan Bin to go to the main coach

The CBA League’s fourth stage will be reopened today, and all clubs are also rubbing, and strive for the quota of the playoffs. The All-Star Tournament has just ended, and the young people represented by Zhang Tanglin and Hu Mingxuan have come to the front desk, but the Chinese basketball that looks in the surface does not lack the talents.

To put it, Zhang Tanglin has been 22 years old. Hu Mingxuan is 23 years old. It is also known that Yao Ming has been expensive to show the NBA champion. Of course, Yao Ming can’t ratio. Yao Ming may be a Chinese men’s basketball team can’t surpass 50 years. Character, however, the core of the men’s basketball team is also 20 years old, and now the hot new star Zhang Tanglin is only the first Liaoning team at the age of 22, and the average of 13.6 + 5.3 is not too good.

On the all-star, Qiang Run and Jiang Xingquan are emphasized that Chinese basketball also needs progress. Be sure to make a good job, it is almost all the consensus. After Yao Ming, he served as the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, and the training became a project that he attached great importance. At present, China’s basketball team cooperates with a lot of clubs and schools. Every year, the funds will be transferred to them, and they will cultivate new seedlings together. Basketball is now in primary and secondary schools. .

Recently, there is news that China Basketball Association is preparing U14 Men’s basketball team. At present, the men’s basketball team already has two national teams. At present, the head coach of the U18 team is Wang Jianjun. The head of the U16 team is Wang Xidong, and the two are young training experts. According to the news, the newly established U14 national team will invite Fan Bin to serve as the main coach. If the message is true, this is absolutely a good thing for the Chinese men’s basketball team.

Fan Bin once cultivated Guo Ilun, Wang Zhelin, Yan Xiaoxuan, Ding Yanshihang and other local stars, and also brought Hu Mingxuan, Zhao Yan, Fuhao, Hu Jinqiu, Sun Minghui, Li Muhao, and Gu Quan. Fan Bin has a very strict disciple, 2011, Guo Allen and other 13 players used “blood book” to complain U19 head coach Fan Bin, saying that he is a player, and after being stopped by the Basketball Association. After 8 years, Guo Allen, Wang Zhelin, Ding Yanwei, etc. have grown into a local first-line star. Now it is coming, this group of people’s material is the highest, and the management of young people must be severe, now they should Thank you for guiding the teachings of the year.

Fan Bin was born in the Bayi Men’s basket, and the player’s era has won the 7th CBA League Championship and 3 National Games champion, and several times will be selected. After retiring, he served as a Bayi Female Basket Coach, the U17 National Youth Team, the main coach of the U18 National Youth team, the owner of the Olympic men’s basketball team, and the CBA coaching experience, once in Fujian and Qingdao men’s basketball team Coach, but not very successful. Fan Bin’s main results are mainly in the youth team, who have received the team to win the U16 and U18 Yatan championships.

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