Serie A 37th round: Inter Milan is a big turmoil in Juventus, Juventus, Juventus

The 37th round of Serie A will usher in a heavy head, Beijing time at 00:00 in the morning of May 16, Juventus, who has completed the championship. At present, Inter Milan has harvested 88 league points, leading the second place 13 points, Juventus currently 72 points, the fourth place in the fourth place, the last two-wheeled Juventus counterattack difficulty Great, once this wheel is lost to the intermediary, but Naples won the opponent Florence, then Juventus basically announces no new season Champions League.

Juventus is afraid to face a big turmoil this summer, and the trend of rebuilding is already obvious. Guumi will not be peaceful this summer, and the team’s financial crisis has taken time, Raotaro and Lucaku have been concerned with other European giants, there is no small departure risk. In order to alleviate the stress of the team funds, Zhang Kangyang also proposed that the national salary and club staff were given up for two months, but they were rejected, even after the postponed wage was also refused, the Italian media “Republic” said Zhang Kanghao called for everyone to drop The salary does not work, the player with high salary may be transferred.

According to the recent state, Guomi is completely kicked out 4 rounds in advance, and there is no signs of water, and the 5-1 wins in the 35th round of the game, the 36th round of 3-1 defeated Rome. In combination with the near future performance, the country is more crazy. It has harvested 20 consecutive rounds of meaning, 16 wins and 4 flat, one riding a shammathered Series Championship trophy.

Juventus has been in the near future, always crashing or bursting in a critical moment, in the four-key battle of the 35th round, 0-3 fiasco gave AC Milan, the 31st round of 0-1 lost to Atlanta, two important games can be said to directly determine the current situation in Juventus. The problem of Pirlo is also very obvious, the midfield lacks control and creativity, the offensive end is still very dependent on C Luo, this Juventus can be said to be a pseudo-strength team, can’t kick your hard.

For the competition with Juventus, Inter Milan also prepared. In the game with Rome, Kongti made a larger area of ​​rotation, indicating that it is necessary to prevent Juventus in the 37th round. In these years, Guomi has been suppressed for too long, and the last five years will be decided. Juventus seven times over the country, only 2 games, and the country needs a victory to come for its own 19 The crown is famous, and the Lucaku also needs to be named before the strong team, he has previously goes into the ball.

The game, the words of the national mem, or will “force” C Luo, according to the report of the Italian Media “Turin Sports”, Juventus will not leave, the C-Luo will leave, and the national Milan is also considered to defeat the country. In Juventus, the players who C Ronal and other eager to kick the Champions League will leave Juventus without the Champions League.

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