Kobe War and the Influence of James with the Frame of James and James

In the 18/19 season NBA regular season, the Lakers took the main battle with the Nuggets, the battle of the two teams was not the biggest point of view, the biggest point is Kobe and James. Box, however, how does Kobe have any effect on James?

Kobe James

Kobe and James are the 18/19 season on October 26th, where Kobe is also watching, and the Lakers’ players also played their best levels this season, especially McGi, in this game. The foundation of the game is also excellent, this is before, McGi definitely can not get so many opportunities like the Lakers, the inner strength of the Lakers is not strong, and McGi is the highest guardian, with him The Lakers ‘basket, the Lakers’ strength will also be more comprehensive, and James is also a dream of the Lakers fans with Kobe.

Kobe James in the same way

Before Kobe and James’s picture have been caught by the fans, but today Kobe and James are also under the shot, finally in the same box, but in front of all the people, Kobe It is still that Kobe, the Lakers is still the Lakers, have to say such a picture to let the Lakers’ fans have been looking for a long time, and finally completed a dream.

In the 18/19 season, the NBA regular season Lakers homoted on the game. This game Kobe is also watching the game. The lakes in the game are also victorious, of which the two sides of the game are very popular, and they have been fighting to the end of the third quarter. The two sides is still the state of the flat, no one has achieved any advantage, but the fourth quarter, James ushered in the outbreak, after he fully helped the Lakers to pursue a victory, James has taken three pairs of data. , 28 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists, arrogant, and Kobe is also rare and James.

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