Italian Cup final: Juventus will meet the 34th champion of Atlanta C-Luo will hit careers

In the early morning of May 20, 2021, 2021, Juventus will fight Atlanta in the Italian Cup final, this game is the battle against Pirlo and C Ronali. C Luo will shock the 34th champion of career. Positive data is the top 6, and C Luo has played very well. Total to enter 25 goals, after he joined Juventus, the highest, such data Show, C Luo has a chance to help the team take the final champion!

In the career, C Roheng counts 5 times, Juventus’s record is 4 flat and 1 loss, and it has never helped the team to overcome Atlanta. From the perspective of personal data, he is in the opponent of the Italian Cup. He is 3 balls. Therefore, it is quite embarrassing. In this game, C Luo will shock the first victory of Atlanta, which is surprising!

Juventus is poor in the architecture. They are currently ranking 5th, very likely to have a championship next season, so the Italian Cup final is very important for the Zebra Legion. If you take this champion, then this will be a piece. Brass, and once again lost, this Juventus will be spached by the fans, so Juventus needs to go all out in the game and strive to become a winner.

After coming to Italy, C Luo has never won the champion of the Italian Cup. He will hit his first Italian Cup champion. If you win, this will be the 34th champion of the Portuguese star in your career. , Chase the number of wins of Spanish star Harvey.

In a strong dialogue, C Luo rarely disappoints, according to statistics, after landing in Pingning, he played very well when he was in the army, in the face of international Milan, AC Milan, Naples, Atlanta, Lazio and Rome The Portuguese star has an allocation of 25 goals, ranking the second bit is that the number of goals in Mobile, Italy, is 17, which is 8 more than C Luo. The number of goals in Sapata is 14, ranked 3rd, Ibi’s scoring, ranking 5th.

C Luo not only faced a record of 25 goals, but also created a record, and he hit 777 goals in his career, which is also a record. In addition, C Luo is also a feat of 35+ goals in this season. It is currently in 36 balls. For a 36-year-old future, this is very rare. He also created a milestone of Juventus 100 balls. One person created four major records.

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