Lin Shuhao has identified San Cruz Warrior to sign a contract in NBDL to prepare for NBA

The latest news, the name of SHAMS Charania Lin Shuhao has identified the San Cruz Warrior team signed in the NBDL, ready to return to NBA, which is also a change in the past, he will recall the rumors of CBA playing.

At the moment, the NBA team’s most worrying is that he has no NBA competition after the 2019 finals. He is in NBDL to use his own performance to remove many people’s concerns, and prepare for the future to return NBA.

As early as early season, there were a number of media broke the news of Lin Shuhao attempted to develop alliances as a springboard, and prepared to return to NBA playing. At the same time, the Golden Warrior team is also the team that is most interested in Lin Shuhao, Curry and Lin Shuhao have been trained together, which has increased the credibility of both parties to cooperation.

In fact, Lin Shuhao is very close to the warrior before the new season last year, but because the International Basketball Union does not go to work to clarify the letter, leading to the opportunity to enter the Warriors, and the latter uses this quota ultimately Signed the election show Iria – Penburton.

Although the above collaboration is unregistered, the Warriors are still trying to sign him. Now that Lin Shuhao joins the Santa Cruz Warrior team’s news is exploding, it is a nice ending.

Shuhao has a short effectiveness of the Warriors in the 2010-11 season, and he has a highlight of its own highlights in the alliance. He was effective in the CBA Beijing team in the 2019-20 season, and the average can get 22.3 points 5.7 rebounds and 5.6 assists.

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