Wanted Pacion’s History Schut Schrett Lamov! Small Sabini Data Fixed in 18 + 11 + 9 + 5

On January 23, Beijing time, in the wattle of the watt, the battle of the Magic, the 10th Assistance of Sakamibnis is “deducted”, the data is fixed in 18 + 11 + 9 + 5 quasi-three pairs, no career 6 times three pairs to chase the team’s history name Schutramf, but his last time continuously resumed, and became one of the important heroes that saved the walker reversed.

In the finals of the overtime, there is less than 50 seconds left, and there are 2 points for fouls in the fourth penalty. The pedestrians will then send Terence Ross free throws, and the small Sabinis has been hitting Wu Chiwi Hand chasing a difference between 1 point, and then the key three-point counterattack in Broggeng won the game.

The 10th Assistance of Small Sabinis was originally assisted by Bogurden scored three points, but the referee was not counted by playing back, and thus Xiaosabonis’s 10th Assistant Tags were deducted, and there was no unfortunately won three pairs.

In this way, Xiaosabonis did not contribute this three times this season, and they did not contribute to his career sixth three times. Small Sabinis is temporarily divided into three double recordings from the team history. The difference between three pairs of gaps.


When Little Sabinis was traded by Thunder to the pedestrian, he continued to gradually became the team’s star. The pedestrians have traded Orado in this season, and it is undoubtedly recognized that Small Sabinos is the absolute cornerstone of the future.

In the second battle of the Bulls this season, Xiaosabonis had three pairs. He contributed 22 + 10 + 11 data to help the walker defeated the bull. At the top 5 games in the season, Xiaosabonis is a 3-year-old third person since Garnett (2007-08 season) and the letter brother (2019-20 season).

Nowadays, in the face of a Time war with magic, Xiaosabonis is in the offensive end of the offensive end, only the three-point free throw of 5 in the audience, but the two-pointer star high 8, the audience contributes 18 points The performance is still available. In addition, Small Sabinis also has 11 rebounds 9 assists 5 steals all-round data, which is the team’s attack engine.

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