Can I pay two consecutive wins? The Spurs double explorer will bring the team to hit the three consecutive victories.

Beijing time on January 28th, the 2020-21 season NBA regular season continued, the bulls and Grizzlies were extension, and the top of the 28th competition is summary.

8 point walker VS Wasp

The two sides will win 2 games, the wasp is currently 7 wins and 10 losses, the last pair of magic, one degree leading 15 points but being reversed, Haiver cut 24 points and 5 rebounds 3 steals, Rozil 24 points, Glaham 21 points Boer 9 points 4 assists 2 caps. The wasp signed Hayward in the king period, he played the performance of the big contract price, and Boer, which was taken down, and the Pien has also dared to shoot, but it has been unstable. I see how they are in their state, can you take a walk.

Small Sabinis has no structural injury, and the current state is daily observation. The pedestrians are currently 10 wins and 7 losses, and the last pair of squirting, the small Sabini left knee is detached, and the team takes the opponent with the last wave of offensive. Brogged 36 points 7 rebounds 9 assists, Turner 21 points 10 The rebound is 3 caps, and Lanmu 22 points 7 rebounds. Although Oladi Waffle, Leville has indefinitely lack, the pedestrian combat power is not reduced, and this will see if they can slap the wasp and harvest two consecutive victories.

8-point piston VS knight

Griffin is absent due to injury management, Rose is expected to be recruited. This is the second time between the two parties. In the contest of a month ago, the piston is at home 119-128 does not have a knight. The piston is currently 4 wins and 13 losses, the last defeated the eastern leading sheep, Grant 25 points 8 rebounds 5 assists, Derong-White cuts the new high 28 points and 7 rebounds 9 assists, Elington hit 6 records three points To 20 points, Griffin 7 points. The last team played a beautiful battle, and I saw whether they can get two consecutive victories.

The knight is currently 8 wins and 9 losses. After the double killing basket, there is two joints, and the last is not enemy Lakers, and the opponent is fighting to the last moment, Dramund air cuts 25 points and 17 rebounds, Osman 20 points 3 steals, Saik Stungee is not good 18, 6 get 17 points 6 assists, Garland 11 points 5 assists. After getting Allen and Prince, the team lineup was very thick. The inner line was even more accumulated by many people, plus the backfinder, Sexon and Garland, became a black horse. This field faces the piston ranked bottom, see if they can win the opponent smoothly.

8 points King VS Magic

Magic is currently 8 wins and 10 losses, and the last defeat isp, Wu Chiwei 28 points 12 rebound 7 assists, Cole Anthony 21 points, Fu Nier 19 points 6 assists, Gordon 12 points 11 rebound 7 assists. Magic has a good record in the season’s stage, but they have been injured, and the Fulz race is reimbursed. Asa is seriously injured. Bangba is unable to come back. After Fu Kiya returned, the magic offensive point is more than one, and there is a lot of combat power. At this time, the king will hit two consecutive victories.

The king is currently 6 wins and 10 losses, and the last defeated Knicks, they played a good team basketball, Fox 22 points 7 assists, Barnes 21 points 8 rebounds 7 assists, Hilde 11 points, Holmes 10 points 14 The rebound 6 cap, Baghry 10 points 11 rebounds, Harryburun 16 points 4 cap. The king offensive ends, but it is very unstable, and Fox needs more responsibility and stands out in the demise moment. This field faces magic, see if they can take the opponent.

8:30 Basket VS Eagle

This is the third time between the two parties this season, before the Nets went on the 145-141 of the fight, then 96-114 lost to the opponent. The old eagle back to the back of the back, the last defeated small card and George smashing, Tre-Yang chopped 38 points, Capera 13 points 19 rebound 2 steals 2 cap. Tre-Yang and Capera have excellent inside and outside partners, the wounded gradually returned, the team is currently 9 wins and 8 losses, this is a basket of the basket, and it is a fight against the battle.

The Nets currently 11 wins and 8 losses, before two wins and heat, the head is a battle to the last 4 points, the last Harden broke out in the last day, the three giants took the team 15-0 took away the game, Durant hand Poor 21, 6 get 20 points, 13 rebounds 5 assists 2 caps, Harden high-efficiency 10 7, 20 points, 4 rebounds 8 assists, Owen 17 6 ​​get 16 points 8 rebounds 4 assists. The three giants are super strong, but the team defensive problems, the internal and external defensive problems, the depth of the bench is serious. At this point of the old eagle, see if the three giants are status, can quickly take the game.

8:30 Nuggets vs Heat

Badler continues to lack in epidemic prevention, Miles Leonard and Hackers are lacking in injury, Hiro and Brad profits. The hot fire is currently 6 wins and 10 losses, in the three-game stream, the last is not the enemy basket, Adebay is cut 26 points 10 rebounds 5 assists, Derla season 6 records three points to get 21 points 6 rebounds 5 assists Duncan – Robinson’s hand is not good three points 10 1 get 7 points. Butler, Hiro smashed many games, the team has been difficult to engage in all-in-law, this field faces strong enemies, see what they can perform, can stop the battle.

Nuggets currently 10 wins and 7 losses, in four consecutive wins, the last time, the two sides fight to the last moment, with the excellent performance of the small Port end 11 points and the key three points, Yaki 20 points 10 The rebound 4 assists 2 steals, and the small-wave special hit 6 records three points to get the highest 30 points and 8 rebounds 2 steals. The team’s recent momentum is good, start looking back the energy of the last season, and the small-port returns make the team’s combat power, this can see if they can get five consecutive victories. 8:30 Bucks VS Raptors

Raptors currently 7 wins and 10 losses, the last invincible pedestrians, West Yama killed, Van Frete 25 points 6 assists 2 steals, Powell 24 points 6 rebounds 6 assists, Lori hand is not good 11 to get 12 Divided, Anuoni 10 points 5 rebounds, Bugr 9 points 9 rebounds 2 cap. This season loses Ibaka and Little Casol, and the Raptors are very uncomfortable in the opening stage. Today, the team’s small lineup is good. Recently, Bugchel is not high, the team needs him more contributions, this site, seeing how he faces the performance of the buck.

Bucks currently 10 wins and 6 losses, and the last eagle, the letter brother is 27 points and 14 rebounds 8 assists, Midleton 19 points 8 rebounds 7 assists, Holledia 15 points 5 assists. Bulu ushered in Holleid this season, playing in the opening stage, and has not been able to get a wave of Changliang win. In the strong dialogue, many times will be lost, the letters of the gods are still lacking. The shooting short board will be enlarged at the critical moment. This field faces the Raptors, see if the letter brother can show the rule, and bring the team to get two consecutive victories.

9:30 Celtics VS Spurs

The Spurs is currently 9 wins and 8 wins. The last wonderful wizards, 7 people scored two, Murray got 11 points 11 rebounds 10 assists three pairs of data, Mills 21 points, Durzan 9 points 8 assists Aldrich 15 points. Bobovi’s team can play a beautiful team basketball to defeat the team, and can lose this game that should be taken, and has not yet played a stable performance. In the face of the green shirts of the double-explored flowers, see what they can perform.

The Celtics is currently 10 wins and 6 losses. The last Tamum is complete, Walker Way, all the way to take the bull, Tutum 24 points 5 assists, Brown 26 points 5 rebound 2 steals, Testei 19 points 3 steal 3 caps SMT 13 points 11 assists. The Green Shirts were in the Eastern Group, Tamum lacks four games. The team lost 3 games. Now he returns to the team, plus Walker, the team’s first five tiger will be more powerful. The field faces the spurs, and the double blossom will take the team to hit the three consecutive victories.

10 points Wizards VS Pelicans

Pelicans is currently 5 wins and 10 losses, in the three-game losing, the last faces of the western bottom, lack of Tang S and Russel’s forest wolf, still can not take the opponent, Engram is cut 30 points, Zi’an efficiency is not High 16 in 6 get 19 points 11 rebounds, Bledso 28 points. The last 9 games lost 8 games in the last 9 games, ranking second in the western count. This field faces a very poor style, see how Ingram and Zion play, can bring the team to stop the battle.

Wizards back to the back, the last lost rocket encountered two losers, Bill slashed 33 points 5 rebounds 4 assists, Wei Shao 19 points 11 rebounds 7 assists, Robin-Lopez 10 points, other players unmanned . Wizards record is 3 wins and 10 losses. After the 6 games are postponed, they will first lose to Spurs, and 6 people in the rockets, eight villagers, Bellans, Avdia are lacking for security agreements. The injury has not healed, the team is in a difficult period. This Bill state is, whether it can bring a team to stop the battle.

10 o’clock Thunder vs Sun

The sun is currently 8 wins and 7 losses, before 2 games with Nuggets, both sides played a general competition in the playoffs. The sun regretted in the last moment. The sun is a black horse in this season, can play a multi-flowering competition, Paul makes the team have better stability and hard-working ability. Recently Emton also began to play a strong performance, but two battles with Nuggets The team also needs to work hard at the critical moment, Paul can trust, Bak is also good at rushing, other players should work harder. This field faces the Thunder, see if they can stop losing.

Thunder currently 7 wins and 9 losses, the last pair of pioneers, almost let the opponent turn over the last moment, good in Alexander stabilized into the last few goals, the whole game he got 24 points 9 rebound 6 assists 2 caps, Bezley 19 points 7 rebounds, Robs 16 points, Muscara gave 6 points to get 23 points. The Thunder is almost sent away from the rest of the tour, which is focused on training this season, but the teenagers are great, and they will not be soft. This field faces the sun that is good for this season, and what kind of performance can be seen.

10 points Domay VS Jazz

The two sides will be held in 2 games. The jazz is currently 13 wins and 4 losses. The game is back to back, and the last reversal of the Nicks, Mitchell’s hand is not good 15 3 get 9 points 8 rebounds, Gobel 18 points 19 rebounds 4 cover. Jazz maintains a stable lineup in this season, although the first few games in the season, today, the team has stepped into the right track, which is currently in nine consecutive victories, including defeating the Strokes, Nuggets and other strong teams, and steadily resort the first three in the western part. Faworth has come back, the current team lineup is complete, and they will hit ten consecutive victories.

Finni Smith, Richardson and Powell’s tests through epidemic prevention, and the three generals are expected to come out. Salers’ current 8 wins and 9 losses, the last is not enemy gold, Dong Caqi chop 35 points 11 rebound 16 assists 4 steals three-double data, Wao Shenge is not good 18 6 get 16 points 6 rebounds, small Hada Wei 19 points 7 rebounds. The team is in a difficult period, and the two will be lacking. Now the team is complete, and their combat power will be strong. This field faces strong enemy jazz, see if there is a status of the East, whether it will bring the team to stop losing. 11 point forest wolf vs warrior

The two sides will fight again on the 1st. In the previous contest, T4 continued to lack, Russel was absent from the four-headed muscles, the warrior took the forest wolf, and the Kuri hit a three-point cut 36 points 4 rebounds 3 assists 3 Step, Vilins 23 points 6 rebounds 3 steals 3 caps, Ubrey 14 points 6 rebounds 3 steals, Green 10 points 6 rebounds 4 assists, Huai Swan 13 points 2 cover; forest wolf’s biscia chop 30 points 7 rebounds, Ridders 11 points 10 rebounds, Rubio 6 points 11 assists, Edwards 15 points.

The Warriors currently 9 wins and 8 losses, after Green recovered, the team combat power has improved a lot, and the Cole trainer said that it is about 20 games to determine the rotation lineup. Now it has been 17 games, they need to assess the current situation of the team, determine the current situation The team goals this season is to use the tax avoidance or full impact playoff. The forest wolf is currently 4 wins and 12 gains. This venue has doubts, and T4 will continue to lack, the team wants to turn over this time, this field faces the warrior, see what they can perform.

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