Harden personally sent a rocket 13 game! Haden got 29 points +13 assists +10 rebound +3 steals

Beijing time on March 4, NBA regular season returns. This is Harden’s first return to the city, facing the old house. All games, he got a 29 minute 13 assists 10 rebounds 3 steals, and brush three records. Finalist, Harden hugs the rocket, happy, too warm.

Harden also completed three pairs, this is the 54th trip to the 8th triple, career this season. Second, he is also the sixth time in history, the sixth player who faces the old East. Since then, the competition has also entered the junk time early, and Harden personally sent a rocket 13 losed.

After Harden left, the Rockets were in a deep-hot situation. Before this hand, the Rockets have suffered 12 joints. On the past 10 games, they have got 9 victories in 10 games.

The gap between the strengths of both parties can imagine that the second festival of the game, Haden, and the Nets opened the difference. The entire second section, Haden 5 shots 3, the single section got 10 points 6 assists, and the basket is 13 points.

The next half is coming back, the Nets have a better than 23 more. Only 30 minutes, Harden is only 1 rebound. After the big score, Harden was also water. However, the fourth section faces the rocket of the rocket, there is still 6 minutes and 50 seconds, Harden faces Tit’s defense, forcibly out three-point hit. After this ball hit, Harden has created a record, and he created a new high-level single farmer with a rocket.

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