The Pioneer team took 123-119 three killing Kings Fox even the secondary three points Lillad 44 points +7 help (8 remembers three points)

On March 5, Beijing time, NBA regular game continued, the king challenge the pioneers. The first three sections of the two sides of this bite are bitten, the maximum difference is only 6 points. At the end of the game, the king once established a 5-point advantage, but Lillad and Canter joined hands with a wave of 12-0, Fox even two points, the trailers opened the “penalty tactics” to stand against the opponent. In the end they took the king of 123-119, and I got 3 games.

Both sides

King: Fox, Hilde, Barnes, Baghry, Homos

Pioneer: Lilad, Trent, Xiaolus, Kodon, Canter

This data

King: Fox 32 points 8 board 12 help, Hilde 21 points 6 boards, Barnes 17 points, Baghry 14 points 9 boards, Holmes 12 points 11 panels, don’t listen 12 points 9 board, Joseph 11 Minute

Pioneer: Lillad 44 points 7 help (8 records three points), Canter 22 points 20 plates, Anthony 16 points, Little 9 points

Best this: Lillad starts into a wave

The first quarter was 15 points, and the key moments of the last day, the team was 9-0, Lillad owned the three-point governance team won the battle. At the crucial moment, he and Canter ruled to attack and defense, playing a waving season three killing kings.

Game review

The first competition, Fox and Barnes have taken 4 points, Lillad is in the middle of the ice, Fox to return to 2 + 0, Holmes in the mid-to-the-way, and the trailer starts 2-8 behind. Lillaer and Baghre are three points, Trent’s three-decreasing is on fire, and Baghly returns to a strong tough and two free throws, king 16-10 leading. The Blazers took 6 points to chase, and Fox hit it and assists in the hit three points. Then Li Lrad three points chased and hit three points, the last 44 seconds he two penalties, the pioneer 30- 27 Reverse oversteen.

At the beginning of the second birth, Little made 2 + 1, Barnes went 4 points, Simmons and Hilde were three points, Little thverald, Joseph and Barnes took 4 points, king 40-39 Reverse Super. Simmons three points, Anthony is also, Joseph breaks through the blood, Barnes is 2 + 1, the king leads 2 points. Lillad takes 4 points and anti-super, Hilde returns three points, Canter eat cake, Baghry returns 2 + 0, Lillad jumper is again, the last moment of Canter basket is made. Half the battle, the Pioneer 59-56 leads.

Easily fight again, the two sides started three points, Baghri second offensive, Kodwarton three, then Barnes won the penalty with 4 points, the two sides became 65 flat. Canter low position, Xiaoluz returns 2 + 1, Holmes is thrown out, Lillad is also there, then the king took 5 points, Canter on the basket, the Pioneer 75-72 leads. Don’t lie three points, Anthony is thrown, and Fox returns to throws up, Little thirteen, the trailer leads 3 points. Subsequently Lillad and Joseph three points, Barnes resembles, the king of 90-89 exceeded 1 point.

The end of the end of the battle, Joseph broke through, Hu De returned to strong, Anthony two penalties, the two sides became 92 flat. The king took 5 points, Anthony and Hu De took 4 points, Fox took 4 points, and the king 101-96 leaded. Anthony two penalty all-stop, Lillad’s hit three points and assists Capta Chasing, Fox is thrown, and the king leads 2 points. Hilde three points, the Canter basket is hoped, Lillad jumps, and the pioneer is 1 point behind. Lillad on the back of the basket, the three points, the pioneers were 12-0 to establish a 7-point advantage. The Hilde basket was made, and then he had a key mistake. The king was forced to open the criminal warp, and the three points of Fox even in the middle of the country were still unable to return to the day.

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