Rocket Fighting encounters team history second long losing green army Celtic team with 134-107 defeat the Rockets

The Rockets defeated the Celtic, the second section 19-28 and the third section 19-38 were exploded, the green army’s first three-section card worked, and it was easily gain a big victory; the rocket defeat encountered team history It is also the longest losing streak in the past 53 years and the longest losing this season, and it is a mood.

The first competition, Oladado contributed 10 points, 3 of the small port 5, three points, 4 in the three points, 1, 3 assists, they led the Rockets and the green army to explore the knot, during small ports With the three points, there is a shadow of Harden; the rocket first 34-38 behind 4 points, but the second section, the rocket replaces the group of collapse, actually takes 3 points for more than 6 minutes and more, the green army took the opportunity Differential differences.

After the rocket mainly came back, Patton and Oladi were three points. The first lineup continued to push down the pit. In this section, the last 5 minutes bomb 16 points, but the half battles have been behind 13 points.

In the second half, the Rockets are open, and Walker will bounce 11 zone to expand the score, Oladi’s score is like a cup of water salary, the green army is more fierce, Rowway attack and defense two ends, Tutum is even invested Three points, three warfare strikes, 32 points behind the stroke; worth mentioning is that the Potter 2 and the third section of 7 were not scored.

At the end of the junk time, the Celtics still control the competition, and finally the green army 134-107 away 27 hit the rocket, Brown 24 points, Tutum 23 points 6 rebounds 6 assists; Olaido 26 points 6 rebounds 4 assists , Small ports 11 points, second and third quarters, 0 points, the last day no longer play, Haden successive? Wade must need more time.

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