The Lakers took 137-121 to take the forest wolf to the Sanlian Shengwo Shuai developed a new score to kill James and Harlele bossel 50 points +16 rebound +18 assists

The Lakers 137-121 lightly takes the forest wolf to get the three consecutive wins, the team record is currently flat, and the jazz team from the western part is still 2.5 winners. This competition lake team starts reusing the internal score machine Halar. , James and Harlell’s small array blocking allows the forest wolf to defend, and finally James got 25 points 12 rebounds 12 assists, Harlele substitute in the 19th minute, 25 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists, this for new parts The combination of 50 points +16 rebound +18 assists, Wo Shuai developed a new score of killing.

Killer! Lakers new partners borrow 50 + 16 + 18, Wo Shuai announced good news, shock the first in the west. After the end of this game, the coach of the Lakers was asked to ask the team injury, and Wo Shuai announced good news. “Carru is receiving the brain volatile test. Once it passed, he can play on Friday. “

After the holiday weekend, the Lakers is undoubtedly the best team in the western moment, although the team is limited by the rotation lineup, but Pop gradually retrieves the hand, Kazma and Tak have also begun to gradually emerge, plus James At the core, the Lakers has achieved three consecutive records after all-star games. Jazz is not good before and after weekend. At present, the leader team and the Sun team only have a difference between 2.5 winners. The Lakers is expected to catch up with the next half, and we must see the next state of the team and Davis. The back time is.

From this competition, the Lakers’ development is very good at existing lineups, and the Kuzma and Haarrier partners excellent effect, not only Harleale can maintain the role of the score machine, but also Kuzma All-Star The post-state is hot, and there are three consecutive games to win a good data and the performance of the stadium. Tuck is the X factor of the Lakers, and nearly several games are relatively stable, excellent talent and learning ability, Tuck’s future development is generally optimized.

Compared with James and Davis’s internal and external partners, Although James and Halan’s splitters are slightly inferred, but the offensive end does have Davis’s acence, Harlele low technology is excellent, and off-attack The ability is very stable. This competition and James partner will be given to the inner line. Whether it is partner Schroeder or James, Harare just keeps the replacement to score the performance, then the Lakers is a large offensive end.

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