NBA Conventional Sokins team will be mad 59 + 23 + 22 Qi Randel three pairs of records of Wushevic, a record, 94-93 victims.

NBA regular season, the Knicks team and the magic team met! The Nicks team is rising this season, and they recorded 20 wins and 21 negatives. The eighth in the east, Nicks recently encountered losers, they urgently need to win to consolidate the ranking of the top eight in the east. The magic team has gradually declined this season, and they won 13 wins and 26 negative records, the Eastern countdown is second, last season magic team is the eighth in the east, and they want to entertoine the hope of the playoffs. Three tigers will be bombarded 59 + 23 + 22 Qi eruption, Randier three dual records, Wu Chirvich 17 + 16.

Two sides

Magic Team: Fu Kiye cut 23 points +1 rebound + 4 assists + 2 steals +1 cap data, Wu Chiwei 17 points +16 rebound + 4 assists + 2 cover +1 steals, Al Ladden 17 points +5 rebound +7 assists, Aimu 7 points + 6 rebound +1 cover, Bacon 7 points +3 rebound, Boqi is also 7 points +3 rebound +1 steals, Oki 5 points +9 rebound + 2 assists, Baba 5 points 3 rebounds +1 assists + 2 cover. The magic team is now worried about the external disease. They want to trader to send away Alon Gogen, change back to the young guard players, since Fune, Tromoros and other backplanes, the magic team is now there too many inner players However, there is no good defender, so they want to transaction to change the team.

Knicks: Landel 18 points + 10 rebound +17 assists +1 steals three double data, BLoke 20 points + 3 rebound +3 assists +3 steals, Berke 21 + 10 rebound + 2 assists + 1 cover Baret 17 points + 9 rebound + 1 assists, Niternili 13 points + 2 rebound +1 assists +1 steals +1 cap Gibson 3 points +6 rebound +1 steals, Nord 2 points + 2 rebounds +1 Step the +1 cap. Randel + Brock + Burks Sand Tiger will be 59 points + 23 rebound +22 assists, and the team will reverse the dangerous magic team. Landel single game 17 assists, refresh your individual record. At the same time, the Landel single scene 15+ assists, the Nicksha History has first non-alarm players in 41 years, and Randel sent 17 assists as the internal power forward, so righe. Randel cut three times the third time in this season, the ninth people of the Nicksha, and the first person in the team’s history in 29 years. This Sai Landel is 22.9 points +11.1 rebound + 6.0 assists, three-pointer-hit rate up to 40.8%, at least 20 points + 10 rebound + 40% three-pointer, Landel is expected to be NBA history than shoulder Larber The second person.

Race review

The first game, the opening of Burkes, I will hit the three points, the Randel internal buckle, the magic Aimino cuts 2 + 1 stop bleeding, then Wu Chiwei’s three points, Berke also responded to the triple and He has a three-point, two troops, and two teams rise alternately. Aimino is also hit three points, Fu Kie is a 2 + 1, and the Audo is three points. Later, the magic team hosted gradually pulled the difference. Burkes hit the Medium investment, Fu Kie re-responded to three points, Bolk’s hit three points to stop bleeding, Magic Boxing meditation, Nicksbare cleaned 6 points to reduce the difference. Magic two penalty, Butler again play 2 + 1, Randel internal dunks. The first score, Magic 26-24 Knicks.

The second game, the magic class cut two points, Gibson’s two punishments, Burkes gave a throwing and middle distance, magic bacon responded two points, Berkes broke through two points, Magic Boqi two penalties All-middle, the two teams have been bite. Baret and Brockeed 4 points, Fu Niye responded, Bocke broke out, he continued to hit the three points, led the Nicksla. Wu Chiwei immediately responded to the two remedies, Baret fines broke down, and Alu Gez broke through the basket, the end, the magic team 44-45 NX team.

In the third game, the two teams came to the iron, and the three points in Nigeri, and the third part of Bolko hit the three points, and the Alu Ge was in the middle of the two points. Baret was three points, Wu Chiwei cut two points. Brock’s three-point, Randel buck, Knick’s leading magic two digits. Alon Goden is all-in-law, Randel and Novier cut 4 points, Fu Niye responded to China, Randel scored 4 points, Wu Chiwei responded to throwing, Nigeri played 2+ 1. The difference is still pulling. In the end, Ochiki and Bacon were successively hit three points + medium investment, plus Boqi cut two points, magic recovered some points. Three-section score, Nicks 72-66 Magic.

The fourth game, Al Limden cut two points, Barrett responded to the invested, Funiye hits three points and middle distance, magic chasing the score. BLOx hits three points, Okiki responds in the capital, Berkes hit three points, Baba also responded three points, Al Limden cut two points, Funiye hits three points, the magic team anti-Chainnex. Burke broke the next basket and cut two points, Wu Chiwei responded to the Chinese capital, Brooke again three points, the two teams have been alternately rising, and the three points in Dienia, Randel cut two points, Funi Yeah rebounded, Alon Gogen, Burkes in the middle, Knicks lead 4 points, Funiye hits three points, but the last 27 second team has no score, and finally Knicks 94-93 Solvent Velive Team.

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