Very unauthorized in the main scene of the Rockets at the main scene of the Rockets.

On March 22, Beijing time, a NBA regular season ended today, the Houston Rockets at home with 112-114, the Russian Russian Thunder, lost 20 loses.

According to the name of Marc Stein, this season trading deadline, the Rocket will be a focus team.

Stein said: The Alliance believes that the Rocket player Orado is the largest player who may be traded until the transaction deadline. If it is not the biggest card, it is one of the biggest cards.

According to the NBA Name Brian Windhorst, the multi-team expressed interest in the trading of the deadline to get the Rocket Star Orado. However, the price of Oladado “is not so high now”, although the rocket hopes to use him to exchange the first roundabout. Nicks and pistons are interested in Oradi wave.

Since the season, Oladada played 29 games, and a 20.8 points of 5.0 rebounds 4.7 assists 1.4 steals.

The contract of Oradado will expire in this summer, this season’s salary is $ 21 million, before he refused to renew the contract in advance of $ 45.2 million.

According to the reporter Kevin O’Connor, the alliance message is called, the rocket wants to use Oladado to change the first round sign – but Oladado does not resume all-star state, and will become a complete free player during the offset season. Therefore, other teams are reluctant to give up too much value to get Oradado.

It is very unauthenticated from the foreground of Oladi’s trading. One is the state of Oradado, one is the contract of Oradado. No team didn’t get him in the case of his renewal commitment, and the rocket is still a team of “never suffering”, they will maximize the trading value of Oradado.

In addition, if the rocket wants to change Alon Gordon with Oladi Wave, it is also necessary to send other chips, which may include the first roundabout + other assets.

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