On March 20th, the Heaters will rebound from whether the pedestrian thermal will come back from the game of Grizzlies. Jimmy-Butler VS Malcolm – Brogen

Beijing time on March 20th, 8:00, the hot fire is hosting the pedestrians, can they replace it from the game that is lost to the Grizzlies? Pacers now have a very bad situation, and 8 games have been lost in the past 10 games.


Both parties are expected to send:

Heat: KFRK – Naen, Duncan – Robinson, Jimmy – Butler, Kelly – Olik, Bam Adebord

Pedestrian: Malcolm-Brogen, Justin-Holledi, Carris Leville, Duomumas Sabinis, Miles Turner

Light of the game: Can the Heat bring the bottom

The hot fire is in a poor opening, and the first 21 games in the top season only achieved 7 wins and 14 losses, and they failed to enter the top 8 in the eastern part. However, with the return to the wounded in Badler, the heat is gradually completed, and begins to show the strength of the final team last season.

In the next 20 games, the Heat has taken 15 wins and 5 losses, and the total record is raised to 22 wins and 19 losses. Rank to the 4th place in the eastern part, become the team in the eastern part of the east. But in the game against the ball, they lost their competitions at 85-89.

Heat is still still injured, and is in one adjustment and admission. On the hot injury list, Everry Bradley and Andre – Igo Dora 2 rim players, if they can play, will greatly increase the defensive strength of the hot bench.

After the Alizza isolation is over, the strength of the heat will be further improved. Since Claude walks, the hot fire has been trying to find your own first big forward, tried Miles Leonard and Kelly-Olique, but the effect is not effective.

After Olnique enters the first, it can provide a certain three-degree of ability, but he can’t prevent three-point line, the defensive compression is not enough, the inner wire basket ability is also very general, for the hot fire, some chicken ribs taste.

In the game against the ball, Olique was only held 18 minutes, got 2 points and 6 rebounds 2 assists. After the Aliza joined, the Heat finally found the high 3D front line of his dreams and improved the strength of the front line.

After the Aliza retest, the Heat is expected to build a first defensive system around Adebay, Butler and Alisa and improve the defensive strength of the first hair. Aliza is more suitable for the first year than Igodala, because he has a good three-point ability.

In the past 15 games, the offensive efficiency of the Heat is 110.3, the 19th place in the Ranking League, which belongs to the middle and lower level, but the defensive efficiency is increased to 106, the first place in the Ranking League. After the Aliza is completed, the security of the heat is defensive.

The heat of the heat is lost to the Grizzlies, mainly because Draziqi and Herody 2 replacement players are completely abnormal. In the game of Grizzlies, Drazi 11 shot 2, only 6 points, 11 points in Hiro 11, which is obviously not normal.

The pedestrians have encountered great troubles. They lost 8 games in the past 10 games. The whole team has reached the end of the strong, and the offense has been very mediocre. The defensive decline is obvious, especially at the fourth time, this team Attack and defense and defense.

In the past 15 games, the pauses’ defensive efficiency is only 109.3, the ranking of the 22nd place, the defensive efficiency is 111.7, and the ranking of the 16th place. After Leville is repeated, there is no substantial to enhance the defense of the pedestrians, but in turn face great grinding problems.

In the three games of Leville, the field received 16.3 points 4 rebounds 3 assists, with a hit rate of 41.5%, and the three-pointer intermediate rate was 33.3%, and 2 three points in the average. Leville as a ball-based player, it needs to balance and the ball of Bogurden, Schushed.

Xiaosa has recently fallen into a downturn, and the physical strength has declined to limit his factors. The pedestrian has a obvious question, which is the lack of a truly stable sixth person, TJ McConnar is good, but the offensive ability is very limited.

Star Supreme: Jimmy – Butler VS Malcolm – Brogen

Butler is the core and soul of the Heat, even in the heat of this emphasizes the overall team, his performance is also a crane. In March, the Badlerfield has been brought by 27.5 points 7.2 Assistant 6.7 rebounds 3 steals, with a hit rate of 58.4%.

Three points are still troubled by Badler, and the three-pointer intermediate rate is only 22.2%, and the average is 0.7 three points. However, the credulous capacity is still top, and 8.8 free throws were obtained in March, and the free throw rate was 81.1%.

In March, Badler’s offensive status recovered, and it also significantly strengthened personal attack, compared to 6.2 points in February. At the same time, Palet’s average assisted number of assists is reduced by 1.6.

Broggeng is a very excellent guardian defender. March 55.4 rebound 4.3 assists in March, with a hit rate of 55.7%, three-point hit rate is 42.9%, averaging in the average investment in averaging 3 The rate is 78.3%.

Broggden is very good, his biggest problem is that key ability needs to be improved, and has not played a key ability to be at home. Pacers have recently connected to Nuggets and Nets to reverse, and Brogen has certain responsibilities.

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