The Nuggets and the Magic team met! The Nuggets defeated the magic team at 110-99, Jiki mad, 28 points, 15 rebounds + 10 assists + 2 steals +1 caps

NBA regular season, Nuggets and Magic met! The record of the Nuggets is 25 wins and 17 losses, the fifth place in the western part, the Nuggets are 2 winners from the western third train, and the trailer is the same as the Tiger, if the Nugget wants to keep the western part, you must Leading the team to win. The magic team was 14 wins and 28 losses. The eastern countdown is second. The eighth in the East of the Magic Team last season. It is hard to score this season. Recently, the magic team is also active to sell Alumben. Mad 24 + 15 + 10! Yaki is crazy, Harden chips 18 + 7, and the Nuggets will win the news.

Two sides

Magic Team: Wu Chiwei 18 points +7 rebound + 2 assists +1 cover, Fu Nier 31 points + 1 rebound + 6 assists +1 steals, Aimi 17 points + 10 rebound + 6 assists + 2 steals +1 Cap, Alu Gordon 13 points +3 rebound +6 assists +1 cap, Maiki 7 points +7 rebound +3 assists, Ennis 3 points +3 rebound +1 assists + 2 steals, Boqi 7 points +2 Refrigeration +1 Assistant +1 steals, Clark 3 points + 1 rebound +1 steals. The magic team has been suppressed. The Nuggets have established great advantages from the first quarter, and the fourth magic is crazy, but the Nuggets are blooming, steady and stabilized to keep 10+ leaders.

Nuggets: Jiki 28 points 15 rebound + 10 assists + 2 steals +1 cover, Jiamarmalmore 21 points + 4 rebound + 4 assists + 2 steals, Harden chip small port 18 points +7 rebound +1 Assisted +1 cap, Barton 17 points +6 rebound + 1 assists + 3 steals +1 cap, Dozir 14 points +6 rebound + 2 assists, Campazzo 2 points + 3 rebound +6 assists, Milhap 2 points +3 rebound + 2 cap, Naji 6 points + 5 rebounds. Nuggets Yauchi + Jamal Murray + small port three small giants cut 67 points +26 rebound +15 assists, with team to defeat the magic team. Yesqi has already cut 12 three-parallel data in this season, and the third only in Wei Shao (14 times), about 53 times. Previously, Harden traded, the rocket wanted small Porter was very good, efficient, stable, outstanding, and the small Porter super-rise, he has become a third score after Jiki and Jamalmore. Nuggets will win the news, in the latest MVP list, Jameqi is the first, force the letter brother, James and Mebud and other superstars.

Race review

The first game, the opening of the magic Flinya took the lead in hitting the middle vote, Alu Gezun, Jamal Murray responded to China’s investment and three points, the two teams were alternately rising, Barton broke through the inner line to score two points, Alu Ge Doubnown and cut two points, Jamal Murray shot into the middle vote, magic Aimu buck, Jochi Inner line hooks, two teams, you come to me, the Nuggets is weak. Then Barton’s hit three-fold and throwing, Wu Chiwei, also responded to three points, Joji, two records, small port dunks, Magic Boqi and Fu Nier chopped 5 points Hanging blood, Nuggets Naji and Dozell chopped 4 points. The first score, the Nuggets 30-15 large leading magic.

The second game, Boqi jumped into place, Nuggets Duzir continued to hit two goals, Jamal Murray also cut two points, the Nuggets expanded. Magic Fu Nier broke out, he continued to hit 3 records, plus the ami slave burgy, the magic one wave 11-2 instantly chased only 5 points, but also the foundation of the foundation three points, Dozore Solidly cut off with small baots, and Nuggets re-stabilizes the situation. Wu Chiwei jumped, Fu Kiye two penalties, Yauchi hook hand, magic Clark hit three points, small portnet buckle, Wu Chiwei shot into three points, Barton responded 2 + 1 Milhap jumped into the dismissive, Wu Chiwei responded to the invested, about three points. At the end of the half, the Nuggets 61-39 magic.

The third quarter, the little-port cuts two points, Wu Chiwei’s hit medium, Ami slave interduction, Fu Kiye two punishment, Wu Chiwei, two points, Fukier breakthrough Basketball, magic continues to work hard. Barton and Yauchi chopped 4 points, Fu Niye played 2 + 1, Aimino cut two points, Wu Chiwei throws up, Audo’s three points, magic will shrink to 8 points. About Base is hidden in the middle, Fu Ni is three points, Barton also hits three points, McCaway and Ami slave cut 4 points, about 4 points, Jieji, Digging, Ginger, Zhongzhong, Alono Under the internet, Dozier responded to the capital, the Nugget 80-69 magic.

The fourth game, Aluo’s mid-range, Boqi and Ami slave cut 4 points, magic one wave 6-0 chasing only 5 points. Barton, two punishments, Jamal Murray hits the middle distance, Wu Chiwi, inner line, Duzr, two thousands of people, the magic is connected to the iron, and the Nuggets is huge. Ennis hits three points, Alon Gordon breaks down two points, Naji returns, Fukiye hits three points, Jiamarmalmul, 3 points, Miaki two punishments, Daji The back is a single cut, the small port dunks, Fu Nier 2 + 1, Johi responded to the dunk, Barton, three points, Miakina also hit three points, small wave special three points, Barton two penalties All-medium, Wu Chiwei cut two points, Duzir’s inner lines, Aiminu two penalty. At the end of the game, the Nuggets 110-99 defeated the magic team.

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