Heat suffers from 4 games! The last section of the sun stabilizes the feet to keep the difference in two digits

On March 24th, the NBA regular season Sun came to challenge the heat. The sun has recently obtained 2 games to continue to row the second. Although the heat is relying on the previous hot state rushed into the east, the recent state declines 3 links. After the opening, Naen’s martial arts protrude helps the hot fire lead, but Etys played in the inner line, the outside line gradually founded the feel, the sun waves 10-0 completed the back. The second section of the Paul series team continues to play the offensive, Eidton and Bick two people also join hands with the first half of the sun 58-43 leading the heat. In the second half, although the sun first hits the offensive to pull the difference to 20 out of the ground, but the hot fire has set off the anti-lowering division, but the last section of the sun stabilized the foot to maintain the difference between two digits, the final sun defeated the heat to get 3 Winning, hot fire encounters 4 games.

First lineup

Sun: Paul, Bark, Bridges, Claude, Entati

Heat: Naen, Butler, Dunlo, Olique, Adebord

Race review

After the game, he was in front of the Nagne to first take the first. The sun will flow and take the points. Butler breakthrough, Bak is also in progress, Nagn outside the hand is hot and again three points, Etys Inline Drashing, plus Claude and Bridges out of the three points, the sun is a 10-0 offensive, will lead to 18-0. Badler is playing back to hemostasis. Craward is in the basket, and Adeburg is also starting to have a buckle in the internal line. Claude is worn, and the Idara is two punishments, Gallo. Wei pressure whistle throwing, the first quarter finished, the sun 25-20 is leading.

The next session, Paul came to the series of tandem teams to send assists. Under his leadership, the sun will continue to play the climax will pull the difference to two digits. Ada is free to win 4 points, Dunlo two points It also shrinks the difference, Eat and Bark have also made a big fortune, and the outer line of Hiro also responded three points. Bridges also stood out to help the sun 51-39 to maintain 12 points through the dunks and three points. Lead. Aliza is cut into the internal line, the sun is still moving smoothly, the first half, the sun 58-43 leads.

In the second half, the sun outside is still in touch with it. It is in a row, but Batler turned over to bounce, Bark riding a horse archery caused 2 + 1, the sun will expand its lead to 22 points. Badler two penalty, Bridges flying on the game, then two teams came to the fight against the battle, and the score on the field came to 82-60 is still the sun big bit leading. Subsequently, Na En exported to the two three points, Adebay and Badler also took a score, and the heat of the heat was 18 anti-lowering. Cameron Johnson forced three-point hit blood, Hero broke through the pulling rod, the three sections were finished, the Heat 73-85 behind.

At the end of the end, Cameron Johnson first lifted the three points, Nagn state is still moving, and the double-handed double-hand buduces in Cleig, and the sun will pull a difference between 97-77 to 20 points. Although the hot fire is trying to be divided, the no-free sun offensive is excellent, and the difference has been maintained in two digits, and the heat is unable to reduce the difference.

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