The rocket was taken in the door of the house, and the rocket was defeated with 97-122 to the Hornets. The forest wolf futures

NBA regular season, after the struggle of the shame, the rocket has suffered a defeated, and the rocket is shot at the door of the house, the rocket is hit by the door, and the colluded is not a military, the third quarter The single section lost 20 points and eventually defeated 97-122.

With 20 points, the two winding brigions are evacuated, and the rocket face is not, the forest wolf is not fast. At present, the rocket record is 12 wins and 31 losses. The forest wolf record is 10 wins and 34 losses, but interesting is that the rockets and forest wolves will have to confront. On March 27th and 28th, the forest wolf and the rocket will be backed by two games. At that time, the two teams have the opportunity to have this “strength”.

This season, the rocket has already embarked on the road of rebuilding, and the record is not good, but it has never been thought that the rocket will be so unbearable, and 21 games are lost in 22 games, and there is a wave of 20 links. Although Harden left the team, there was at least Wall, Orado, Wood, Gordon, House and other strengths, not to be integrated, perhaps only one explanation, that is the rocket I don’t want to win, the most typical is the game of Thunder, the Thunder arranged Alexander and Huiford’s lack of lack of lack, it was to give the rocket to send warmth, but the rocket hard is not received. This 25-point failed to confirm this, so many fans began to ridicule: The rocket signed in order to rebuild the compensation, the face is not.

However, in the magical thing, although I have experienced 20 games, I now eat a fiasco, but the Rocket is not the worst team of the western record. Now the rocket is just the second place in the western part, and the countdown in the west The team is a forest wolf, and when the rocket is 25 minutes from the rocket to the wasp, the forest wolf also has a 20-point defeat at home, and the script is also very similar, the forest wolf is also collapsed in the third quarter, single section 18- 32 lost 14 points, and finally 108-128 lost to the unique man, encountered 3 games.

The forest wolf has been rebuilt for many years but has never seen it, but the forest wolf does not seem to make changes. It is getting closer to the deadline of transactions this season, and the forest wolf clearly states with double-shaped Downtian and Edwards for the cornerstone of the team, and the two are the team’s non-selling products. In fact, the forest wolf has made many times to express T4 of the team, but so many years have passed, the forest wolf is still a hover, which once is futuristic, and now it is not fast, continue to compete The road moves on the road.

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