End three losses! The Warriors at home with 122-121 dancing Strokes Ubiza 7.7 seconds key offensive rebound penalty spherical to kill Curry to get 41 points +6 rebound +4 assists

On April 7th, Beijing time, the Warriors sit on the home to welcome the Bucks challenge, let alphabetic brothers sore soreness. The difference between the two teams is huge, but the lack of the Budang’s home is not small to the team. When the letter brother is missing this season, the Bucks have no victory. The Warriors recently losed over, which was previously slaughtered by the Raptors, urgently needed a victory to reverse the team’s current trend.

The Warriors are divided into two, and the Curry is shot in Turi 14, three points 10 in 5 get 41 points 6 rebounds 4 assists. Curry is the 200 three-pointers in the season, and the personal career is at least 200 days, and the new record of NBA has created NBA. Virgo 7 points 4 board 2 help 2 cap, Ubrey 19 points 6 boards, Wosman 13 points 10 board 2 help, Green 8 points 5 plates 8 help, Bezmore 18 points 2 help, Poole 10 points 5 help.

Bucks, Middleton 28 points 7 assists, Holledi 29 points 5 assists 8 mistakes, Potson 13 points 13 rebounds 2 steals, T-Ado Kunbo 10 points, 5 rebounds.

At the beginning of the game, the Warriors outside the waves 18-5 two times stop the squad, the first quarter is a little longer on 28-126. The second-festival, Midelton, taking the team, the Bucks once 36-30 anti-super, Poce debuted for 9 minutes to contribute 10 points 3 assists, Curry brought the team 10-1 to maintain weak lead, Warriors half 53- 50 leads. The second half of the Kutri single section 19 spread, the two teams always stayed in a deflation, the ends of the two teams waved to the last minute, the last 20 seconds, Holledi grab the front game life will be more than one point, Bucks 121: 120 Leading Warriors. Virgo three points, Ubiza 7.7 seconds key offensive rebound penalty spherling, Vilins and death cover Bucks. The final Warriors finally ended the three-game losing defeat at the home of 122-121, and finally the battle between the Bucks.

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